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The economic health of communities all across the country is tied the sum total of all the Main Street small businesses found in those communities. They serve as the economic backbone of the nation. More than 50% of all the jobs in the country (that includes large business, small business, government and non-profit sectors) are accounted for by small businesses with 20 or fewer employees, more than all the other categories combined.

Yet stand-alone small businesses struggle to survive in a very Darwinian world, where big business usually has access to all the resources they need, including capital, credit and expertise, but small businesses rarely get adequate access to those resources. Helping small businesses get access to them, in a fashion similar to how big business does, is at the core of what Commonwealth Group LLC (CG) is focused on, as part of a larger mission to help transform how business serves society and the planet.

Following years of exploring issues related to small business capital formation, securities laws, access to credit and banking laws, general community economic development issues and the various corporate, financial and structural vehicles available to work with has led CG to develop a number of solutions aimed at helping small businesses, their communities and all the other stakeholders concerned with their collective health and success.

In pursuing such objectives, one cannot help but get deeply immersed in a major transformation that is occurring in the world of business, on a global scale. That transformation relates to the very core objective of business, which for a long time has worshiped money and profit as the sole purpose of business (it was not always that case, but it evolved into that over time). Large segments of the populace (especially Millennials) now reject that premise and instead are saying that business should exist to serve humanity and the planet, not the other way around.

We explored this rapidly growing shift in this LinkedIn Pulse article Capitalism 2.0:  7 Reasons to Believe the Transition has Begun. In that article, we introduce the concept of “impact investing” where investors are helping to drive this transition by their investment choices. We also describe new forms of corporations called B Corporations and benefit corporations, and how they are helping to lead the effort to this new form of capitalism, by advocating in their very purpose social and environmental benefits, in addition to the financial ones.

The twin topics of impact investing and benefit corporations stand at the very center of what CG is all about and we have developed a number of solutions based on them. We will continue to develop new ones as time, resources and experience lead us into new and beneficial directions.

On our About page, we describe how we have taken those ideas and developed a broad solution set to address them. Then we describe the specific programs we have put in motion to implement those solutions.

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