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What do we do?

Commonwealth Group is dedicated to serving the Family Office community, along with endowments, pension funds, foundations and other funds.

We provide a scope of services and information to those communities related to two key areas:

  1. all things “impact investing” and
  2. ways to realize greater value and liquidity out of existing investments in private companies.

Our goal is to educate, facilitate and collaborate with our clients in pursuit of those two focus areas. To carry out those objectives, we have established three other websites where we concentrate on the above.

An impact investment information site

The first website is called Family Office Impact Investing and its goal is to provide comprehensive information on all aspects of impact investing, including what it is, how it can be of benefit to family offices and a full spectrum of resources to pursue it. Those resources will include:

  1. websites, articles, books, white papers, videos, webinars, training and other instructional material about impact investing
  2. studies about impact investing (including those that dispel myths about impact investing)
  3. different classes of impact investing and connections to where those kinds of investments can be done
  4. information on creating an impact investment portfolio strategy and its potential overlap with any philanthropy objectives
  5. connections to impact investment funds, fund managers and impact investment consultants
  6. connections to groups and organizations dedicated to facilitating impact investing
  7. connections to other family offices interested in co-investments and club investments
  8. impact investment conferences
  9. news about impact investing
And impact investment fund

The second website is called Commonwealth Capital and is a special impact investment fund/holding company established by Commonwealth Group to provide our family office clients and others with our own unique impact investment fund. Commonwealth Capital can be used for placing new investments and as a place to transfer existing investments in small and medium sized private companies in a manner that increases their value and potential liquidity.

Enhancing private company investments

The third site is called Syndication Associates (under development) and is intended to provide our family office clients and others with the ability to realize greater value and liquidity out of their existing private company investments, whether incorporating impact investing objectives or not.

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