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The UNIEX Solution

Commonwealth Group is forming a system wherein our affinity group is based on small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) and the broader concept of sustainability.

Each company wishing to join is encouraged to incorporate sustainable practices in their operations, regardless of the product or service they provide.

The organization, called UNIEX, is being established in the United States. UNIEX is structured as a membership association with several classes of membership, the two most important being the companies advertising on the UNIEX website and their shareholders.

1.  Member companies agree to promote their companies on a common website that will provide extensive information about each, including how they are implementing sustainable practices in addition to generic business information, including financials.

Parties interested in buying or selling shares in any company can follow a link to another website maintained by that particular company which facilitates the secondary trades in their shares and ensures that they are compliant with all relevant securities laws and other laws pertaining to being public companies. Users clicking those links are alerted to the fact that they are leaving the
UNIEX website and going to the company’s site.

2.  Shareholders agree to purchase and sell their stock in the company via the terms defined by the UNIEX website and the listing company’s website where they agree to abide by all its transaction rules, and to abide by all the other rules set forth by UNIEX as a condition of membership.


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