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Capital for Small Business


unleashing the power of main street


Who creates over 70% of all new jobs in the U.S.? Who has created 50% of all jobs? Who created 98% of net new jobs during the three years after the 2001-2002 recessions? Small businesses!

Small companies are the only hope for significant job creation in America. We explore the issues surrounding capital formation for these companies – what can be done today and what must be changed to help Main Street get back on its feet.  >>More  

See also Commonwealth Fund, our new program designed to assist small and startup companies with funding.


support programs

Facilitating Change
Our support programs target underlying structures such as corporate statutes, tax codes and metrics for valuing corporations. We work to align these with objectives that promote social responsiblity.  >>More

Aligning Business & Sustainability


toward a sustainable business environment

We promote triple bottom line (social, environmental and economic) approaches to business, banking, financial markets and economic development.

We find this a more sustainable paradigm for the long term, one that improves everybody's lives, not just a few, operates without harming our shared environment, and creates wealth and wellbeing for all.   >>More

Corporate Cooperatives

sharesfinancing small business

Our concept of corporate cooperatives solves a number of problems while building a system to transform business into a more sustainable and beneficial structure that serves people and planet as well as profits.

It aggregates a number of small and medium sized private businesses into one public entity that provides the individual businesses with the increased health, viability and liquidity of a larger, public organization.  >>More

CEED Program

arrowscommunity economic development

The CEED Program (Community Energy & Economic Development) is a coordinated system for revitalizing our nation’s economy, one community at a time, by enabling each community to proactively transition to a renewable energy-based economy.

It entails the creation of dozens of new green companies in each community with the need for hiring hundreds, if not thousands of new green collar workers, and the injection of millions of dollars of fiscal stimulus into those communities.  >> More

Public Banking

ben-franklinGrowing the Commons

At the heart of economic vitality rests the availability of money. Banks actually create money with each new loan they issue and are the source of about 97% of the money in our economy.

Publicly owned banks lend in a socially, environmentally and economically beneficial manner while preserving the best of the conventional for-profit model. They can make loans that are not viable for private banks, such as alternative energy projects with long-term payback -- in fact, any projects that will yield a public benefit.  >>More